Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn results video

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn results video

Jeff Horn beats Manny Pacquiao

Confounding predictions he would be chewed up and spat out by the 11-time, eight-division world champion, Horn came out firing and gave his opponent plenty of cause for concern from the very first round.

Both fighters had their moments and traded turns as the aggressor and while Pacquiao may have landed more hits, Horn never stopped coming.

Pacquiao saved his best round for the ninth, launching an all-out assault on Horn that prompted referee Mark Nelson to tell his corner he needed to “show something” in the next round or he would end the fight.

Here was our live coverage of Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn.

12:57: Round 12 to Pacquiao (10-9, 115-112). Pacquiao sealed the deal going to the left hand and being more effective. Horn tried his best to go for the finish but it wasn’t enough. We go to the judges scorecards.

12:51: Round 11 to Pacquiao (10-9, 105-103). Pacquiao bounced back in the eleventh, going back to the left hand and making Horn miss. Horn needs a stoppage to win.

12:48: Round 10 to Horn (10-9, 95-94). Pacquiao was slow in the round and didn’t throw as much while Horn was more active. Horn is still in the fight as we enter the championship rounds.

12:43: Round 9 to Pacquiao (10-8, 86-84 Pacquiao). It appeared Pacquiao was starting to fade but more or less seemed to be irritated Horn was still in the fight and poured it on. Pacquiao threw the entire arsenal at Horn and had him wobbled on more than one ocassion. The referee told Horn after the round if he doesn’t show something in the tenth round, he will stop the fight.

12:39: Round 8 to Horn (10-9, 76-76). Who thought it would be this close? Anyone? Horn’s continuing to press Pacquiao and finding  home with the right hand.

12:36: Round 7 to Horn (10-9, 67-66). Horn was able to bring the momentum from the sixth round into the seventh. Horn and Pacquiao clashed heads again and caused another deep gash at the corner of the left side of Pacquiao’s head. Again, Horn smelled blood and rocked Pacquiao with another right hand. Good momentum for the Australian.

12:31: Round 6 to Horn (10-9, 58-56). Horn’s best round of the fight. “The Hornet” landed a flush right uppercut to stun Pacquiao. Horn and Pacquiao clashed heads which caused a deep cut in the corner of Pacquiao’s head. Horn went for the cut and landed a hard right which stunned Pacquiao for a moment. Can Horn carry the momentum into the later rounds?

12:25: Round 5 to Pacquiao (10-9, 49-46). Another exciting round in a fight many boxing fans didn’t expect to last this long. Have to give Horn credit. He’s throwing but Pacquiao is blocking most of them. Pacquiao continues to find a home with the left hand but has started to use the right more. Look for it to play a bigger role in the fight.

12:21: Round 4 to Pacquiao (10-9, 39-37). Pacquiao continues to find a home with the left hand. Horn landed two right hands but to little significance. Horn has to throw and throw often.

12:16: Round 3 to Pacquiao (10-9, 29-28 Pacquiao). Pacquiao is starting to take control of the fight. Horn is starting to wing his punches and not hitting Pacquiao cleanly. Pacquiao landed 20 punches in the round which is his most so far in any round. Horn has a cut in the corner of his right eye.

12:13: Round 2 to Pacquiao (10-9, 19-19). Pacquiao came out establishing his bread-and-butter, his left hand. But to Horn’s credit, he’s being active, pressing the fight and making Pacquiao work every second. Good fight so far which many weren’t expecting.

12:09: Round 1 to Horn (10-9). A surprisingly competivie opening round. Horn hit Pacquiao clean with two right hands that affected Pacquiao. The native of the Philippines came back near the end of the round using the left hand. Good pace.

11:58: Pacquiao comes out to a rock-star like ovation. What a scene as the only eight-division world champion makes the walk to the ring.

11:55: The hometown kid, Horn is walking to the ring to a thunderous ovation.

11:36: Coming up next is the main event as Manny Pacquiao defends the WBO welterweight title against Jeff Horn. Pacquiao’s won back-to-back fights since his loss to Floyd Mayweather back in May 2015. He’s looking for his first knockout since 2009. Horn’ won his last three fights by KO. The Australian looks to complete a Rocky-like story and defeat of the best of this generation.

11:25: Ancajas retains his title defeating Kinoshita by TKO at 1:53 of the seventh round. What a performance by Ancajas. He controlled the fight from start to finish. Ancajas poured it on early causing heavy swelling to Kinsohita’s eye in the second round causing significant problems for the challenger. Ancajas was the better puncher and the better fighter. Kinoshita didn’t have a chance. right to the body. The fight came to a close when Ancajas connected on a five-punch combination and a vicious body shot dropped Kinoshita who said he didn’t want to continue. Ancajas did what he had to do. He looked good and will go

10:40: Up next, in the co-main event of Pacquiao vs. Horn, for the IBF junior bantamweight title, Jerwin Ancajas (24-1-1,16 KOs) defends his title against Teiru Kinoshita (25-1-1, 8 KOs). Ancajas last fought in January when he went to China and defeated Jose Alfredo Rodriguez. Kinoshita is undefeated in his last six with five of those wins by knockout.

10:27:  Conlan defeats Owen by TKO at 1:56 of the third round. The Irishman started out slow to begin the fight. He was pushing his punches and thought he would try and switch to a southpaw stance to see if he could confuse Owen. You could sense Conlan getting frustrated as he couldn’t put Owen. In the third round, Conlan finally went back to conventional stance. Then, he went to work, hitting Owen with vicious body shots. A right hand to the body hOwne crumbling and had the look of being finished. Conlan looked at the ref but Conlan kept going, connecting with a three-punch combination and the ref put a halt to the fight.

10:06: Coming up next at Pacquiao vs. Mosley, in featherweight action, heralded prospect Mick Conlan (2-0, 2 KOs) goes up against Jarrett Owen (5-4-2). Conlan, a 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist and 2016 Olympian, fought just six weeks ago in Chicago against Alfredo Chanez. This should be no more than a showcase bout for the Irishman. A loud ovation for Conlan when introduced by Michael Buffer.

9:57: Toussaint defeats Mosley Jr. by split decision (75-77, 77-76, 77-76). Don’t know what the one judge was thinking in giving Mosley Jr. five rounds when at best he won no more than three. A good performance by Toussaint. The Australian kept finding a home with the left hook and Mosley, who refused to have any head movement and proved to be no more than a punching bag for Toussaint.

9:16: To kickoff the main card of Pacquiao vs. Horn, in an eight-round middlweight tilt, Shane Mosley Jr. (10-1, 7 KOs) goes up against David Toussaint (10-0, 8 KOs). Mosley Jr. is the son of former world champion and boxing great “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Great highlight package before the fighters walk to the ring. What a spectacle to see all those people inside Suncorp Stadium as it looks to only be about half-full.

9:09: Now, live coverage on ESPN has begun with the commentary team of Joe Tessitore, famed trainer Teddy Atlas and one of a select few to beat Pacquiao, Tim Bradley. Back at the ESPN studio, it is Steve Levy and Stephen A. Smith. Why is Smith on this? He is a fan of the sport and that is about it. And to contradict Smith, Pacquiao made around $150 million for the fight against Floyd Mayweather.

9:04: if you are trying to watch the start of the card on ESPN, you will there’s a soccer game on. Knowing the money ESPN put up for the event, this is a bad start and could lose some viewers. No reason ESPN couldn’t have moved the final moments of the game onto ESPN. People don’t care about soccer. Not a good look to start the show.

9:00: Welcome to SN’s coverage tonight’s fight in a battle for the WBO welterweight championship as the legendary Manny Pacquiao goes up against Jeff Horn. Can Pacquiao do what many fight fans expect him to do and finish Horn early? Or does the hometown kid shock the world and beat the icon? Sit back and enjoy our live coverage of Pacquiao vs. Horn.


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Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn results video

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